Paolo Patrizi

Paolo Patrizi

Paolo Patrizi

Nationality: Italia
Data of birth: 15/03/1989
Activity: Trial bike rider
Level: Agonista
Category: Elite

Instagram : @paolo_patrizi_bike


Paolo Patrizi (born 15 March 1989), also known as Pool, is an Italian biker and five-time FCI Trials Bike champion. Following his participation in "Italia’s Got Talent, he appeared in several television programs.

Paolo Patrizi is the first Italian to have entered the 10 World Ranking UCI Elite category.

Paolo Patrizi travels the world doing trial bike shows. Sport has become a hobby, a job..... his life.

Currently, Paolo Patrizi is 6 times Italian champion Elite Agonists.

Web site: 6 Times Italian Champion Elite Agonists FCI.
Curiosity: Participation in the following TV programs:
- 2018: There is room for 30 with Max Giusti
- 2017: Bakeoff Italia 5th season
- 2016: Ninja Warrior Italy
- 2013: Red & Black on Rai 1
- 2012: Italia’s Got Talent

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