Braidot Twins

Braidot Twins

Braidot Twins

Nationality: Italy
Date of birth: 29/05/1991
Activity: MTB Cross Country & Ciclocross
Level: Level: Professional
Category: Elite
Coach: Claudio Cucinotta

Instagram : @lucabraidot   @daniele.braidot


Daniele and Luca Braidot aka Braidot Twins are Italian twins bikers and professional cyclocrossists, belonging to the team Centro Sportivo Carabinieri - Cicli Olympia - Vittoria. Both at the international summit in the specialty of cross country and cyclocross. Even if they are still young, they already have an absolutely prestigious palmares including World Champion and European jerseys, world podiums, podiums in European reviews and podiums in the World Cup. Now they are trying to qualify for Tokyo 2021.

Daniele Braidot

I started cycling when I was 12 thanks to our family. Our grandfather made us do the first rides, while our Dad took us to the first races. 
The first jersey was the UC Caprivesi of Gorizia, while the first victory came riding a MTB that was originally my mom’s.
Season after season there were always better results, such as the podium at the 2012 World Championship Under 23 or the Italian Maglia Tricolore Elite in 2016.
There were also difficult moments but it was there that the union with Luca, being always together, supporting each other and our team spirit made the difference.

Luca Braidot

Following Daniele also for me, the first time on the bike was at 12 years. Grandpa Alfredo taught us how to ride and the first race was in Mossa, our city of birth. If Daniele had Mom’s bike I had a pink BMX... The following years and the successes in MTB and Cyclocross allowed me to turn a passion into a job.. The Rio Olympics in 2016 has been the peak of my career so far. An incredible emotion that made me understand what I could achieve. If I succeed it will always be thanks to the support of my family and Daniele. They are the incentive to train more and more, and an essential support at all times.

Curiosity: they are homozygous twins
​Credit foto : Alex Luise

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