Andrea Martinello

Andrea Martinello

Andrea Martinello

Nationality:  Italy

Data of birth: 04/08/1996

Activity: Bodybuilding

Level: Professional
Category: Men's physique
Coach: Personal trainer 

Instagram : @andreamartinello01


He started to train in the gym at 16 years; the passion for weights was born immediately, in fact after a few years he decides to participate in a provincial race and wins. From there a succession of victories, winning twice the Italian championships in the federations Wabba and Ainbb.

The greatest satisfaction was in 2019: he participated in the Wabba World Championships held in Turkey and won the absolute Men’s Physique, and the professional card.

After several years of preparation, he felt the need to increase his knowledge in the theoretical field, so in 2019 he certifies himself as Personal Trainer Csen.

From there came another passion, helping other people to achieve their goals, both in terms of competitiveness and health.

"I am proud of the path and lifestyle that I have undertaken over the years, andI try to convey to people who rely on me all my passion, because a healthy and regular life is the basis for feeling good and facing any kind of situation".

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