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Protein Pane

Preparato per pane ad alto contenuto proteico.

No dried fruit
Breakfast Snack / Spuntino
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Tasty Protein Bread with pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds.


A protein bread rich in taste and mixed seeds, to take on your table every day without feeling guilty. Thanks to the ProAction Protein Bread Mix you can bake at your place your protein bread always fresh and natural. You can also make soft protein focaccia to be stuffed with cheese and light cold cuts. The bread prepared with this mix is also ideal is for vegetarians and vegans because it is based on oatmeal and soy protein. This bread mix has got optimum nutritional values: 100g of Protein Pizza Mix contains 41 g of protein and 7,9 g of fiber! 


More Protein
Less Sugar


Protein Bread Preparation

ProAction Protein Bread is really easy to make because it needs only the addition of water and oil. The protein bread mix is already complete: it contains all the ingredients already measured, yeast and salt too. Baking your protein bread will be child's play. Advice: freeze the extra portions; you may defrost them when necessary to have always a fragrant and tasty bread, made by your hands!  


Ingredients for 1 or more buns

400 g of ProAction Protein Bread Mix
360 ml of water
1 tablespoon of oil (optional)



Place the Protein bread mix in a bowl with water and oil. Mix and Knead by hand the ingredients; as soon as the dough becomes uniform and dry, knead it for 10 minutes more on a table. Place the dough in a bowl covered by a towel and let it rise for 30 minutes. After that shape one or more buns and let rise covered  for 1 hour  and at a temperature of 27° C. Then move the dough on a baking tray or a refractory stone. Bake the dough in a 220° C fan and preheated oven for about 30 minutes.


Best before 30/11/2022

  • Ad alto contenuto di proteine
  • Appetitoso e croccante
  • A basso contenuto di zuccheri
  • Adatto per vegetariani e vegani

Ideale per tutti i momenti della giornata: colazione, pranzo, cena. È perfetto anche per la merenda.

Semplice da preparare il pane proteico è ideale per fornire la giusta quantità di carboidrati al proprio fabbisogno proteico.

Wheat gluten, oat flake flour, soya protein, common wheat flour, sunflower seeds 6%, flaxseed 6%, pumpkin seeds 6%, wheat bran, salt to hyposodium, brewer’s yeast, dried wheat germ sourdough, enzymes.


Allergens list (according to reg. EU 1169/2011) Presence in the product
Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, bowline, oats,spelt, kamut or them hybrid fetterses) and products derived therefrom
Soy and products derived therefrom

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